Personalized Wooden Dog Carvings

🐕You are not just a DOG, You are my SANITY. You are my SUNSHINE. You are my TEACHER. You are my THERAPIST...and my HAPPINESS.
Since the very beginning, humans have always had a strong bond with their Dogs.Now you have a chance to express your love with these personalized stunning carvings!

🐾 Perfect woodcarving gift ideas for decorating your bedroom, living room, desk, or anywhere in your house.
🐾 Design concept - Pet Family Wood Carved Decorations Our wooden dogs and characters symbolize family or friendship they are also used as souvenirs or given to those who share the spirit of friendship and love
🐾 Hand-carved wooden ornaments suitable for gifts and collectibles for your loved ones, friends, children, colleagues, fathers, mothers, or yourself.
🐾 suitable for valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, wedding, housewarming, and other holiday gifts.
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